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New to CB ... getting a lot of IDE screen screw ups ...

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In the Code Blocks IDE, I am getting a lot of screen screw ups like menus not working, the wxWidgets display not switching properly from the code window.

Is it my video card or something I am doing wrong?
Every other program I run seems to be OK.

Miguel Gimenez:
Please specify OS and C::B version

My PC is:
Ubuntu Mate 22.04
Intel i7 cpu
Video card:  Radeon HD 6570
1920x1080 resolution

Code Blocks:  20.03
wxWidgets:  tried both 3.0.x and 3.1.x

Window Manager:  Was using Compiz but switched to Marco (picom:Hybrid) but still get video corruption.


I also note corruption with the display components of the IDE environment on my Laptop too.
It too has Ubuntu 22.04 also.

Can you show a screenshot?
Where did you get codeblocks from?
I just tried to install codeblocks version from this post,25302.msg172438.html#msg172438
you have to follow the instructions for installing the  Debian 11 (Bullseye) instruction and it works fine on my ubuntu 20.4 installation


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