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Building GNU autoconf based projects


Recently it happens frequent to me that algorithms that came handy for me
are available in the open source linux world,
but only with autoconf build process.

The way to build that at windows seems to use the msys2 system,
which means you have to do in the linux world, moreover it's
quite extensive.
If practical I would like to avoid installing msys2.

My question:
Is there an appropriate way to do it directly?
For example by a kind of CB plugin etc. to process the autoconf files?
Or would it be a way to convert the autotools files to makefiles or to cmake?
(But these conversions seem to be laborious and prone to errors).
Maybe using msys2 is still the safest, easiest way?

Opening CB to the "autoconf world" in an easy way would
be great for CB users, I might think.

Do yourself a favour and use msys2

codeblocks can in no way emulate autotools, that is WAY out of our manpower and not really the scope of an IDE ;)
Also many libraries are packaged for you on msys so you do not need to use autotools but simply pacman -S libraryname

Indeed it looks like I will have to use msys2.
(Especially when there are dependencies to other libs,
a simple makefile won't do.)

But as I left linux world some 30 years ago
and forgot everything: If there are any problems
in the autotool process I will be totally on the loss.

Thanks anyhow! :)


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