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Trying to build this source code but no joy

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Hello all, Id like to start by saying im very new to this program, have been learning bits a peices over the last week or so. however what brings me here is I am trying to find a way to build this GitHub source code of basically a fuel map editor for my particular engine of my car. It was made by a Land Rover owner but has stopped supporting it for a while and he use to have the working executable on his page. but this is nowhere to be found nowadays, the only thing I can get is the original source code on GitHub, I belive it was made using a very old version of Code Blocks and WXwidgets, i have tried compiling it to the best of my ability using different versions and MinGW with command promp commands etc, but wonder if I am missing somthing or questioning if its possible at all, to anybody who is wondering this is the page in particular, let me know of your findings, turning into a bit of a headache for me, thank you!  :-X

Windows 32 bit and Linux 64 bit seems to have been the OS supported using wxWidgets 2.8.
Edit1: Windows support was ANSI instead of Unicode; but, Linux was both 32 bit and 64 bit using likely Unicode under Ubuntu
Edit2: Under windows, it was using Static Multilib build of wxWidgets 2.8.
Edit3: Without knowing your operating system info it is not worth any more of my time to see if it can still be built.

Tim S.

Hello Tim, I've been trying to build this on windows 11 so far, my current setup where i can get it to "slightly" compile before throwing up narrowing errors and things like that, is a modern version of code blocks (works the same on older versions too) but it must be 2.8.12 version of WxWidgets is the oldest one I can find. but built with MinGW using CMD. Iv changed the environment variable too. and included/re-named the "setup_inc" file. to just "setup" in order to be recognised. from that point I can go no further. you definately raise a good point, I wouldnt mind using a copy of ubuntu or somthing like that if it would make things easier, seemes like its definately possible but like theres a hurdle somewhere for sure. thank you for the reply  ;D

Renaming setup_inc is WRONG!!!
Edit2: Okay; my build just errored out and your post make more sense.

I suggest you build wxWidgets the correct way.
Renaming a file because you are missing setup.h means you likely never built wxwigets at all or setup Code::Blocks wrong.

Website that helps newbies on wxWidgets is

If you have already built wxwidgets post the command used to build wx here.

Edit: I am building wxWidgets 2.8.x right now; likely be a few hours before if finishes or errors out.

Tim S.

That is correct I am very new to this, apologies for my lack of experience, Have been trying quite a few things am just looking for some clarity on the subject or some guidence on where to go from here, Will have a look into that article thank you   :)


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