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CB20.03: llvm/clang project can't select target, due to too many targets


Codeblocks 20.03, under Ubuntu 22.04:

llvm/clang project has 100+ targets, codeblocks "Build" -> "Select Target" can't display all targets.
The bottom most "more targets available" grayed, can't click.

Miguel Gimenez:
That is a known problem with 20.03, and it is fixed in trunk.

As a workaround, once the project is loaded try View -> Toolbars -> Fit toolbars or Optimize toolbars; last time it worked for me.

EDIT: Instructions above are for target selection using the wxChoice in the toolbar, you can use it instead of the menu.

EDIT2: The target menu has a built-in limit:

--- Code: ---const int maxTargetInMenus = 40;
--- End code ---
When it is reached, a "More targets available..." menu item is created, but it is disabled!. I will investigate further...

EDIT3: The last menu item is not intended to be clicked, it is a reminder to use the first menu item. This is very confusing.

Thanks for your detailed reply. Now I can use wxChoise to choose "clang" as target. And I can Shift-F7 (step-in), to see clang.exe stops at main() function of clang/tools/driver/driver.cpp

I'll check performance and stability later.


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