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Code::Blocks 20.03 on LLVM/Clang project often crash, under Ubuntu 22.04


LLVM/clang project is quite big. When I tried to manipulate it with Code::Blocks 20.03 under Ubuntu 22.04, it seems quite unstable, often slow to response, sometimes even crashes.

Try a nightly build, or compile codeblocks by youself. 20.03 is quite old...

I downloaded the source as suggested and installed that version of CodeBlocks.
The version now:
svn 13231
Build:  Mar 10 2023, 13:53:17 - wxWidgets - gcc 11.3.0 (Linux, unicode) - 64bit

BUT, within the IDE the screen components are acting as screwy as before.

Everything else on my version of Ubuntu Mate 22.04 functions just fine.

Something is amiss in CodeBlocks.


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