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OK who's sending the virus?


Guys, i've recently been receiving e-mails infected with the W32/Nyxem-D virus (attachments are "winzip.bhx") by someone who has the in their address book. The virus uses its own e-mail server, so the infected user is unaware that he's sending the e-mails.

(See for more info)

Please scan your computers everyone (specially the devs). Thank you.

Update: Last e-mail was sent from, which resides in mexico city (no, it's not me, I checked).

Actually is Brasil Telecom, unlikely this is Mexico City... :)

That could be SolidNuts.

Yes, you're right, it's Brazilia. I got confused somehow.

Anyway who?

No it's not solidnuts, i PM'ed him and his ip is other. I guess we can only wait until the problem fades :(

Well, we only have one user in and none of the other 32 in the range is anywhere near that IP...

Strikes me odd that someone who has never visited the forum has your email address in his address book. Ah well, nothing we can do, I guess. Brazil Telecom will shut him down anyway :)


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