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I have created a simple project with a one asm file. Once created, and after modifying compiler options for "asm" extension, I can build my asm file with no problems. After compilation (with "nasm -f elf64 -F dward") I get ".o" file. Now, I need to build project to generate binary file... but it seems CodeBlocks need a GCC compiler (or similar), so if I build my project directly, building execution is "g++ obj/Debug/my_file.o -o bin/Debug/my_file" and it finishes with errors. However, from the command line, if I run "ld -o bin/Debug/my_file obj/Debug/my_file.o", I get binary file with no errors... but I can't add this file to my project and, then, run "Debugger".

Help, please!
Thanks a lot!

Miguel Gimenez:
Copy the GCC compiler (or any more suitable) and modify the executables to suit your needs. There is also an "Advanced options" button for finer settings.


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