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Stray character appearing at the beginning of lines


I am using Codeblocks 20:03 fine on Windows, I was using 20:03 for some time on Linux mint 19.X but then started to get a stray character on the beginning of each line like a checkerboard character. I tried pretty much every setting including changing fonts but to no avail. This week I got a new PC, Mint 21.1, installed C::B 20:03 and had an identical issue. Nothing was copied from my old PC, but I may have loaded a project. The error I should point out happens even if I create a new, empty file. I have exactly the same problem. Finally I build the latest SVN checkout and ran that... Same problem again! I know its the new build as it is showing the SVN number instead of 20:03 version. I can live with the corruption but its very distracting! Anyone any ideas?

Miguel Gimenez:
It is a bad rendering of the fold controls, IIRC it got fixed about one year ago.

Try disabling folding in Editor settings -> Folding

I found a fix that also fixed my other issues. Deleting the settings file which on my 22.04 based Ubuntu is in my home ~/.config/codeblocks. Uninstalling and re-installing codeblocks does not delete this folder.


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