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How to point Code:Blocks to your mingw gcc c compiler



Sorry, I can't figure out how to point to an existing gcc.exe.  It doesn't seem to be bundled, and the installation (I think) didn't ask me for any paths.

In the Compiler Settings window, there's no tabs or subwindows that let you specify a path for the compiler.  And the Debug/Continue button is disabled.

The specific command line settings I want to use are

gcc -Wall -O2 -g thismodule.c thismodule.c -o thistarget

, but I'm totally clueless about how to configure Code:Blocks.


Thanks stahta01,

So we do a second Mingw install, in order to make it compatible with Code:Blocks?

Ok, I tried to download both the full tdm-gcc 64 bit, and the minimal version.  But they both  trigger a webroot trojan warning.

I'll take my time with this, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  Please close the ticket.

Miguel Gimenez:
You do not need to install a second compiler, just skip that step and continue with compiler configuration.


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