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Building CodeBlocks from source


Hi people,

Today I had my first try at building code-blocks.

In order to keep things as simple as possible, I
used CodeBlocks-1.0RC2 as the IDE with the project source
for CodeBlocks-1.0RC2 and I was running under Windows XP.

After hitting "Build" I started examine the generated errors
and found them all to be the use of Forward-slashes instead of
backslashes in the include statements.

I started to change some of the Forward-slashes to back-slashes
and the errors started to reduce.  However I thought
I'd better have a look at the wxWigets source (I made a guess
at version 2.6 as it didn't specify) and saw the same slash
problem facing me.

I then looked at the latest Code-blocks source to see if any
conditional compile directives had been added but couldn't
find any.

So, my question is:- Is Code-blocks always compiled under Linux?
or am I missing something fundamental?


No, forward and backward slashes should work on windows. What compiler are you using? It is possible that old compiler are not capable of this...

Thanks for your reply.

Your answer has given me pause for thought. After a few experiments I see use of the
forward slash is not always as I thought on windows.

XP will accept the forward-slash in a DOS box, but will display the result using a back-slash's only.

Win2k & Win98 just report a syntax error.

Also a new "Win32 GUI Application" project under Code-blocks v1.0RC2 and 20.03 with mingw32 also work with forward-slash's under XP at least. (This really surprised me)

I still don't know why the (Code-blocks v1.0RC2 project) won't accept forward-slash's, but I will find out why
now that I "know" that forward-slash's "can work".

As my professional coding career ended while I was still working with MSVC6 & 2K around 2003,
I was convinced that forward-slash's could not be used on a windows system and I now feel like a stroke victim trying to work around a forward-slash blind spot.

When I find the answer to the (Code-blocks v1.0RC2 project) problem, I'll report back here.
possibly it's a compiler switch like use the c99 standard.



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