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Mutiple Debuggers, chosed only second one.


Hello every one.
I did build the tag 20.03 under Windows for me.
And by debugging i find out, that from my 5 defined debuggers only the second one is taken for debugging.
I did check the Compiler settings in the project, there is a GNU GCC Compiler, that executables settings points to the MinGW folder. And the debugger name is "gcc GDB", that i created in the Debugger Settings.
I also have some other compilers (ARM, AVR, Rapi1 and Raspi2) and for all of them there is a setting for corresponding GDB debugger.
And the "gcc GDB" Debugger is actually 5th in that list.
And actually in 20.03 it is independent of the project by debug there will be always taken the Debugger, that is second in that list.
I already edited the default.conf file so that Debugger i need hat a tag <conf2> and others are not. Only so i can chose needed debugger.

Have you checked Settings->Compiler->General compiler settings->Selected compiler: select the compiler->Toolchain executables->Debugger-> select the debugger from the drop down list

Have you tried the latest nightly?


--- Quote ---Have you checked Settings->
--- End quote ---
Yes, I did check every thing, what is to check there.

I use Code::Blocks almost 14 years now with different compilers (ARM GCC, Keil, AVR GCC, MinGW, Raspi ARM Compiler). I know, where to look at the settings.
And as I already mentioned, in the rev 11835 everything was working in best way.

--- Quote ---Have you tried the latest nightly?
--- End quote ---
not yet. But 20.03 is a official release, and I did search the forum for that bugs and didn't found anything, and I thought that is would be better to let the developers know about it.


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