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Cb-13084 : IncrementalSearch => forgot svg image


Win-7 : cb13084::IncrementalSearch-32_64.cbp
Here is a patch to load the SVG images.

Miguel Gimenez:
After removing whitespace changes, the only difference I see is this:

--- Code: ---- <Add after="zip -Rq9 ..\..\..\devel32_64\share\codeblocks\ images\svg\*.svg" />
+ <Add after="zip -Rq9 ..\..\..\devel32_64\share\codeblocks\ images\svg\*.svg images\svg\*.svg" />

--- End code ---
so you are adding the SVG files again. Is this really needed?.

On my update of cb13084 I didn't have this line and red messages in the C::B log!

This was a mistake on my part.


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