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I noticed that an issue with the CodeBlocks icon and the taskbar was reported back in April and there is a patch releated to the taskbar icon. In my case (Windows 10, new installation of 20.03 ) the icon for CodeBlocks shows up in the Start menu, but when I pin it to taskbar there's a blank image instead of the icon. Not a big deal since it still works when I click on it, but I read there's a patch for it. As long as the only problem is the icon not showing up on the taskbar, I will wait for the next update to CodeBlocks instead of installing the patch.

Are there any other patches I should know about and maybe install instead of waiting for the next release? So far I'm having no problems building programs.

Just one other question. When I run the Launcher I see the first thing it does is warn me about some missing compiler master paths. But CodeBlocks is set up right now the way I like it, to use mingw gcc, and I don't need any other compilers. Is this the only purpose of the Launcher, to verify paths to the various compilers I may wish to use?




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