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Using Raspberry Pi libraries with Code::Blocks


Hi! Asking here as I feel like I have read every existing forum online, and still cannot figure out how to solve my problem:
I need to use a Raspberry Pi with Code::Blocks, and in order to do this I need to connect a library to Code::Blocks.
I want to use "pigpio", but no matter how I try, it doesn't seem to work. Has anyone experienced this before? On the Code::Blocks Wiki it says to
"Add the required paths for compiler and linker.", which is what I cannot seem to do. No site explains this in detail either.
Could anyone help me with this, aka give me a concrete tutorial? I would be forever grateful.

I'm new to this forum but hopefully the mods will let this one stay up, as this really is my last resort.

Miguel Gimenez:
Read this for file names and location.

You must add /usr/local/lib to Search directories -> Linker and to Linker settings -> Link libraries.

EDIT: add /usr/local/include to Search directories -> Compiler.

thankyou so much! :))


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