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The 22 October 2022 build (12990) is out.

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--- Quote from: Pecan on November 02, 2022, 10:13:33 pm ---
--- Quote from: damorin on November 02, 2022, 07:19:33 pm ---Hi,

C::B stalled when I switch from a project into another inside my workspace (intermittent). I have to kill C::B and restart. It's been like that since a few nightly builds.

There is no RPT file to be find and I am suspecting an antivirus is killing a process.

Anyway to enable more trace to find what is going on ?

Running Windows 10 Build 19044

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When this happens to me, I usually find a hidden dialog behind CB waiting for an ok response.

Grab the banner of the window and move it almost off screen to see if there's a waiting dialog lurking  back there.

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No luck, Code::Blocks is showing "Code::Blocks svn build (no more responding)". I disable many plugins but no result; I will disable the rest and wait for the problem to re-appear.

Miguel Gimenez:
I would wait for the next nightly or compile r13000 myself.


I am starting C::B with "-v" (yes, C::B is still locking on some occasion) and I noticed something, maybe it's an easy fix. I was able to reduce it to a simple project (

NativeParser::OnParserStart: Starting batch parsing for project 'UnexpectedToken'...
ReadClsNames() : Unexpected token '=' for 'UnexpectedToken_', file 'C:/cygwin64/home/rmorin/projects/UnexpectedToken/main.c', line 6.

typedef struct UnexpectedToken_ {
  int a;
} Unexpected =

The '=' is rejected by the parser. Is it important ?

See attachment with the project, the C::B outputs and the c file.

C::B running on Windows 10

Hi ppl I'm having problems installing the nightly build, let's start saying that I haven't codeblocks installed on this computer.
When I follow the instructions above i.e. unzip these 3 folders CB_20221022_rev12990_win64.7z ; wxmsw32u_gcc_cb_wx321_2D_gcc810-mingw64.7z and Mingw64dlls8.1.0.7z in the same folder, once I open cb I still have the "white version"of it.

Is there something I do wrong or something I misunderstood?

I apologize if this post is not in right section.

Miguel Gimenez:
What is the 'white version' for you?.

Are you looking for a 'dark mode' version?. In this case, why do you think the nightly has a dark mode?.


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