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Some questions/remarks about FortranProject plugin, and more specialy images in it.

When installing this plugin, official nightly or my own builds, I see that some images are installed several times :
Inside \share\CodeBlocks\images there is a fortranproject subfolder. Inside \share\CodeBlocks\ there is also an images\fortranproject subfolder which contains exacly the same images subfolders and files. Are they both useful ?
More, in the 16x16 subfolder there are 46 files, but in all other (20x20, 24x24 ...) there are 47 files : fprojectmakevisible.png is missing in the 16 pixels subfolder. But may be, as other fproject*.png, which are present in the zip (at two different places : in the root 16x16, ... and inside fortranproject\16x16, ...), they are declared more than necessary.
Apparently, this does not affect the functionality of the plugin, but may be a small cleaning could be nice.
This remark is also true for last introduced svg images.

Another small annoying thing :
in Fortranproject.cpp, line 544, the submenu label is _("Jump last"). But in fortranprojecttoolbar.xrc, lines 10 and 11, labels are "Last jump".
Not the same label, but the same function in menus, tooltips,... I think, it should be the same. Which one is the best ? Especialy when translating in an other langage, the order of the words can have a totally different meaning.


Miguel Gimenez:
I know there were some discussion between Darmar and Obfuscated about this and the update scripts, IIRC the duplicated images are used outside C::B.

Relating the text mismatch,  I do not use FortranProject: Which one is correct?

I think that somebody whose native langage is English should answer. I prefer "Last jump", but I'm french (nobody's perfect  ;D)

Miguel Gimenez:
The icon name (fprojectjumphome) and the associated method (OnJumpHome()) suggest "Jump home", but I do not know if this has any sense.

Miguel Gimenez:
I have just changed the toolbar text so it matches the menu.


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