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The 08 October 2022 build (12969) is out.

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We switched to wx 3.2.1 (on 01 October 2022) --> download the new wx dll's see link below

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Before you use a nightly make sure you understand how it works.

A link to the unicode windows wxWidget dll(s) for Code::Blocks :
A link to Mingw64 dll's needed by Code::Blocks :

The 08 October 2022 build is out.
  - Windows :
  - Linux :

The current SDK version is : 2.22.0

Resolved Fixed:

* IncrementralSearch: Fix HiDPI and use SVG.
* Doxyblocks: Fix HiDPI with wxWidgets >= wx3.1.6.
* Abbreviations: Use SVG icon.
* Editor: Use SVG for breakpoint icons.
* Use SVG in breakpoints dialog and as read-only marker in editor.
* Use SVG icons in the project tree.
* CompilerGCC: Add SVG files to autotools.
* File options dialog: Do not change file read-only status if Cancel is pressed.
* OpenFilesList: Use SVG with wxWidgets >= 3.1.6.
* help_plugin: Use SVG with wxWidgets >= 3.1.6.
* BrowseTracker: Use SVG with wxWidgets >= 3.1.6.
* NassiShneiderman: Use SVG with wxWidgets >= 3.1.6.
* Enable SVG from resource files (XRC).
* CodeCompletion: Use SVG with wxWidgets >= 3.1.6.
* CompilerGCC: Do not call Last() on an empty string.
* SDK: Adapt cbArtProvider for using SVG.
* Use SVG with cbArtProvider in the main window and some plugins.
Regressions/Confirmed/Annoying/Common bugs:


OS X version of this rev can be downloaded from my Google Drive.
There is only a macOS-11.6 version.
Note that it is not a notarized version of the application.

32 bits version for Windows can also be found in the same place (wx-3.1.7 with the aui patch).

Debian Buster and Bullseye (32 and 64 bits) can be installed from my repo.


The Clangd_Client for this nightly can be downloaded at

Filename: (Direct download link)

Copy the included to  <YourCodeBlocksNightlyFolder>\share\CodeBlocks\
Do not unzip this file.

Copy the included clangd_client.dll to <YourCodeBlocksNightlyFolder>\share\CodeBlocks\plugins\clangd_client.dll

Restart your CodeBlocks Nightly.

Install instructions for LLVM/clangd are included within the downloaded .zip file.

Using the latest nightly I have a minor issue  using Win7 SP1 (Wian10 not yet tested). The icon for "search" and "replace" are identical.  Look at the attached images. Is that intentional?

Miguel Gimenez:
Fixed in [r12976], the 'R' was text and nanoSVG does not render text.


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