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Are Scripted Wizards without license?


I am using the CB Scripted wizard to create some simple projects? Do any of them have a license that is not mentioned in a source file?

Link to my git repo

I am having weird issues building MinGW64 GCC 4.8.x that are likely CRT/GCC/Binutils caused problems.
I am hoping these test project will help determine which part has the problem.

Tim S.

The ones a simple search on copyright found

--- Code: ---Copyrighted by:
  HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH
    multiple .h, .c, .S, and .x files
  Free Software Foundation
    multiple and Makefile

--- End code ---

My guess is that the Scripted file should be in GPL, and the template source code(sample.cpp files) should be public domain.


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