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Windows 11 & WSL2 WxSmith black screen & workarround


Over the last few days I have upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 22H2.  I was using WSL2 on Windows 10 with gwsl (X Windows server) for some Linux development. On Windows 11 I do not need the gwsl as it include WSL2 GUI support.

I found that using the WSL2 "standard" Ubuntu 22.04 install C::B wxSmtih shows a total black editor window when loading xrc files. This does not occur on Windows, XUbuntu on VirtualBox or on a Mac using the nightly 12908 release....

On WSL2 if I installed xfce and started the xfce window manager and then loaded C::B the wxSmith black screen did not occur.  So there is a problem with the default WSL2 window manager and wxSmith. Unfortunately I have no idea where to look and as such will leave it for other devs to figure it out.

For info on the WSl2 steps see the following:


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