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open projects are not shown
« on: September 26, 2022, 05:11:06 am »
the window area where opened files supposed to be is active from start-up

what happens when i make a new project is the main programming text window flashes something
presumably, the main file created for the new project, but quickly it returns this window area to

grey no files opened are displayed not the project neither the c++ files

BUT I can manually open the c++ files however not so with the project files the project file is not
displayed only the c++ file on the portion where the open projects and files are displayed, ONLY the c++ file is visible there after MANUALLY opening the c++ file

reinstalls don't seem to help, even more so one of the earlier settings is available which was a mingw64 bit compiler setup

this way i don't know how i can resolve the issue where i was having to register at the opened project file variable components to look for for the linker to resolve undefined reference errors

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