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Regarding the Code::Blocks homepage design contest

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I can't designe a html page at the moment following the reqiurerment so i figure i'll post my Ideas here so some one might implement them or even improve them.  I put the reason why bellow.

Thing I want in a web page that is sometimes forgotten.

-fetures list added and move it to the front of the screen.  

People want to see what it dose right away And if i dosen't have this some pepole might git frustrated and leave there sight.  

-and the fact it uses Scintilla and wxwidgets in features list with link pointing to there sight.

******please note i think it also use tinyxml but haven't look for a webpage for it.********
These are impotant feature the codeblocks leaves unmention and there web page is a good source of info.  
-You also might want to Put something about a Rad widget's toolbar is in planing stage but probbly be a long while before it is realsed.  This is realy an improtant feature that pepole are going to want to have I dump many ide that i came accoss becuase it did not have one.  I like your Ide because it made with wx widgets and can make one myself if i get fimilar with the interals of code::blocks.

-add a screen shot to the front of the page defently helps pepole often put a link to more screenshot
It look nice and often pepole want to see how something is done the screen shot can often ansser it better then words.

- add a texure background tiled i bieleve dev-cpp dose this.
this adds a very cool look.

- a short summarry of want codeblock dose also on front with more link underit to give more details.
i like a short summary of what i'm look at.

Good luck with your guys web pages  :D

Thanks! :) We appreciate your suggestions (and personally, I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants a simpler layout. Did you vote yet? :P )

I tried to make the codeblocks logo a bit more stylish.
and here is it:

here is the same logo with better resolution.

It was made with blender and gimp.
Maybe you can need it.
But remember this was only a try.  :wink:

best regards chris.

WOW, THAT'S COOL!!! (I vote for the bottom one)

Mandrav, mind posting a poll regarding this tentative new logo? And chris, i suppose you have the procedures or vector files (if the case) so we can keep them so the logo can be reproduced later?


Chris, this is awesome!

Already used it ;) (hit refresh if you don't see it)
 :lol:  8)  :mrgreen:



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