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Regarding the Code::Blocks homepage design contest

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As you've seen in the announcements, we're running a contest to redesign the website, and we need your help!

The idea is to design the frontpage and make it look professional.

Here are some sites to help you see what I have in mind.


* The code must be compatible with PostNuke
* The code must also be cross-browser, and be able to validate at the W3C validator
* It must include the Code::Blocks logo
* A screenshot must appear on the page
* Don't use more than 2 columns (1 - menu, 2 - decoration / screenshot)
* Must be appealing to the viewer
* Must _NOT_ plagiarize any existing webpage

You can design them as HTML files, later we'll see how to adapt them to PostNuke (but if you already design them as postnuke templates, even better).

Please mail your zipped contributions to rick (at) codeblocks (dot) org.

The contest will be closed before 1.0-final is released, so we can prepare the website to appear on Slashdot.

Comments, doubts and suggestions welcome.

Sorry I can't help (you really don't want that), but for a suggestion, make sure it is very easy to tell that the software is entirely free (hapedit does it well). Otherwise, if users like me think that it is shareware/crippled, they might leave right away.

This looks like a good idea. Good luck with it!

I am quite happy with the current design - it's simple and clear.
The only thing I'd like to see is a better visual contrast between the "blocks" and the background.

This can be achieved simply by changing the background colour. Like this:

Thanks, it looks definitely better :-)

By the way, i still wonder if it doesn't look "too cluttered". I mean, my plan was to have a "front page" with nothing but the menu on the left and a nice background (and a screenshot) on the right. What do you think about it?

I think those who know CodeBlocks today (including myself) care more about the product then the web-presentation of it. But if you want to reach the masses, a better looking website could help. If development goes on with the same speed as now, then I think, soon the only big competitor remaining will be Microsoft with free version of VisualStudio 8, which has a very nice website.


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