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Problem when buiding svn 12878

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When I tried a full rebuild of svn 12878, I had a problem in spellcheker, at line 36 in HunspellInterface.h :

--- Code: ---#include "hunspell.h"

--- End code ---
hunspell.h is not found.
Nevertheless this file is here in ...\SpellChecker\hunspell\src\hunspell and the search path to compile HunspellInterface.cpp seems to be correct.
May be something strange is that in HunspellInterface.cpp you have :

--- Code: ---#include "hunspell.h"
#include "HunspellInterface.h"

--- End code ---
but HunspellInterface.h contains itself an #include "hunspell.h"

I have solved this by making a copy (in fact, creating hardlinks) of hunspell.h and hunvisapi.h directly in main spellchecker directory. But, it's just a workaround.

PS: I have not this problem with svn 12877.

Miguel Gimenez:
I can not compile it either. Also, that revision supposedly removes some source files but it does not.

With Leap-15.4, I added the search path for the includes for target 'plugin' : 'hunspell/src/hunspell'

Miguel Gimenez:
Should be fixed in r12879.

Looks OK now. Thanks. :)


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