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feature request - restore previous instance


this is partially done.  you can get back the project you were working on but oddly the workspace is not included.  as it works now you get the default workspace even if you were working on a different workspace.  there is also no menu choice called 'open workspace' that i could find, nor does the most recent workspace show up in the recent files list.  it appears the workspace is at the top of the hierarchy, yet the gui does not respect that design exactly.  the idea is to save the entire perspective, workspace, projects, open projects, open files and current file, when you exit.  then you get it all back when you return. 

I am not sure what version your are using, but in my version (the latest trunk) workspaces are shown in the start here tab in the "recent projects" section after starting codeblocks. And they open also completely with open files ecc...

--- Quote ---the idea is to save the entire perspective
--- End quote ---
Perspectives are not saved in workspaces, but in perspectives (global configuration). This is different to a lot other IDEs (like eclipse) and i personally like it more...
You can change/save perspectives in View->Perspective

Thanks for your reply and the tip.  I see that workspaces show up under recent projects.  This is GOOD ENOUGH.  I am using 20.03 and it does have that feature.


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