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feature request - enable multiple paths in 'find in files'


find in files is great.  it would be even greater with multiple paths enabled.  the same idea as the patterns, you have a pick list of all the path groups in recent memory so you can reuse them.  it is incredibly powerful to search a handful of paths instead of just one.  to remember them for future use is also very handy.  its just a semicolon or comma delimited array of strings and you aggregate the returns.  like C:/home, D:/usr, or for unix /home, /usr
so it looks in both trees and aggregates all the files that match any of the patterns.

The thread search plugin has this included and is faster:
1) Activate the thread search tab in the log pane
2) Activate search in directory (make an red arrow in the folder symbol in "Search in"
3) Unhide the dir items (Show dir items): the left most symbol in near the  "Search in" text
4) Select the directories you want to search in by pressing the "..." button in the dir items controls that appear after step 3)

1) Activate the thread search tab in the log pane
2) Open the options dialog (pressing the wrench symbol)
3) Activate the search in directory files symbol (folder symbol)
4) Press the "..." button to select the directories

Thanks!  I will check it out

I am in version 20.03.  when i click the ... button, it permits me to add a single directory.  i cannot add multiple directories.  Is my version out of date?  if i add multiple folders like /hd2/sources /hd2/makes i get an error cannot open folder '/hd2/sources /hd2/makes'

yes, it is possible that this was added after 20.03


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