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Symbols Browser losing track?
« on: August 24, 2022, 04:52:03 pm »
I don't have Sourceforge account ready for So is it OK if I post this here with my forum account?
Using SVN Code:Blocks on an older operating System: WIndows XP SP3 x86.
Package kindly supplied here:,24592.msg170718.html#msg170718

Previously I was using Code::Blocks 16, and used the Symbols Browser - Global Functions to navigate .cpp files with up to 5000 lines of code. It always worked fine..
Unfortunately in the mentioned SVN version the Symbols Browser tends to lose track after like 10 minutes of using the IDE. I click a procedure in the symbols browser list and the code viewport goes to a different procedure and highlights it, not the one I selected.
Clicking the Symbols Browsers' display options tends to regenerate the list logic. For example select "Global Typedefs"  and then back to "Global Funcitons". After that it works properly again, for a little while.

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