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The 13 August 2022 build (12864) is out.

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Many thank's.

Hi (ter),
Apology for error in last typo :
        VS_VERSION       2022
        VS_NUM              14.33.31629

Sorry, but diagnostic is the same.

Many thanks. 

Ma last alert about possibly bug with last version NB of CB is an error ... of mine ...
I haven't changed the pre-build procedure to adapt this with good envoronment variables, but coding with "hard path" to "include" directories.
After upgrade with last version of VS2002 and kit Windows (and purge precedent version), nothing work, it's clear !!!
The problem is placed beetween keybord and screen ... and it's me ..
Forgive me, you can close this alert.



--- Quote from: killerbot on August 14, 2022, 04:49:30 pm ---I would like to switch soon to wx 3.2 (again with the 2 patches we have applied to 3.1.7), does anyone has any objections, or reasons not to step-up (yet) ?

--- End quote ---

I think wx 3.2.1 is good to switch to now as it does not require any patches and is being used by allot of the C::B devs now.

I am not sure is there database explorer plugin support in this version?

Thank you for your answer.


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