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CodeBlocks 20.03 can't find files for operations


I have recently installed CodeBlocks 20.03 on a Windows 11 operating system. It is showing symtoms of not not finding necessessary files during operations. One example is not finding a file in the compiler chain, and another is not finding a header file in the "main.c" by right clicking an included header file. Attached is a file displaying the "cannot find -lbgi" message.

I have another installation of CodeBlocks 20.03 running under Windows 7 on another computer. It was installed using the same setup file.

I setup an identical project on the other computer and did not experience any of the forgoing problems  It compiled, built, and ran. I was able to right click and display the header file.

If anybody has experienced and solved this problem, please respond to this post.

Regards, Don McCreary

Those are compiler error and not codeblocks errors.
You are missing binary files, i would suspect anti virus problems, so your anti virus is blocking this files from access by the compiler or even he has deleted them.
Have you done a system wide search for the missing "bgi" library? Is it present on the system?


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