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Differences in the GUI with the update of the Dll wxmsw317u


I just downloaded and installed the latest nightly version of CodeBlocks (rev 12859) which requires
the two updated wx dlls (wxmsw317u..).
I also "installed" the previous version (rev 12858) in another directory.
I generally perform the following IDE settings:
- toolbar icon size: 32x32
- font editor: Consolas size 11
- compiler and debugger settings
Making the same settings and starting CodeBlocks (rev 12859) I notice these differences:
- the text in the editor is much smaller (rev 12859)
- the toolbar icons are much smaller (new icon file: height 32 pixels for rev 12858, 20 pixels for rev 12859)
- the height of the toolbars is also a bit different (about 34 pixels against 40)

I'm on windows 10 and the screen resolution is 1920 x 1080.
I attach two screenshots for the 12858 and 12859 versions

Sergio Ferrari

Miguel Gimenez:
What scaling factor are you using?. Please attach the contents of Help -> About -> Information in code tags.

This may be related to ticket 1297

The scaling factor are 1.50 .
The editor zoom has been reset before screen capture for both revisions.
I attach two information files (from Help -> About -> Informations) for both 12858 and 12859 revisions.

This problem was resolved with nightly revision 12932 that uses wx321 dlls.


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