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Alpha's Project exporter - added "working" CMAKE POC

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I have taken Alpha's old project exporter plugin and got it building and running with the latest code. I then added a CMAKE export option that is "working".
The code is available from the following GITHUB directory:

*"working" means:I have loaded the following file and I was able to export the all of the targets in the project file to CMakeLists.txt files:

*\I was then tested the following two CMakeLists.txt files and were able to produce the libraries using the standard "cmake .." and "cmake --build ." manual steps in A MSYS2 Mingw64 bash shell:

* base\tinyxml\CMakeLists.txt
* sdk\wxscintilla\src\tinyxml\CMakeLists.txt

Miguel Gimenez:
Thanks for posting, I think this is a very useful plugin and IMHO it should be in trunk long time ago. We can polish it later, if needed.

feel free to merge it into trunk

I still need to do the following for the CodeBlocks_Windows.cbp file:
1) Create a top level CMakeLists.txt file that builds all of the existing target CMakeLists.txt files.
2) make sure all of the rest of the targets build from the top level CMakeLists.txt
4) Ensure that I get a working Code::Blocks output

Then I need to see how it goes with the CodeBlocks_Windows.workspace file.
Where do you guys think the plugin will land? plugins or plugins/contrib? This way I can work on the project changes once I do the work above.

Miguel Gimenez:
I prefer plugins/contrib.

I have just commited changes to the Macros Manager needed for the new plugin.


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