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The 07 August 2022 build (12859) is out.

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--- Quote from: Pecan on August 08, 2022, 05:17:08 pm ---However, I've been waiting for it to run on all platforms for a whole months without a crash or serious bug before adding it to contribs. So far no cigar.

--- End quote ---

I switched back to the "old" code completion plugin because I had several crashes. The "old" one seems not suffering the issue. I think it was related to

Fixed: OnEditorActivated() crash when using menu/File/New/File...

Now I'd like to use the new code completion plugin  but the latest package is

and I haven't the framework to compile it from sources (I' using the nightly and not compiling CB from sources).

So, when and if you have time an updated package (latest version) is welcome and appreciated.


as far as I can see, that one is already in place in 3.1.7, no need to patch.

hmm, it seems unrelated, in preparation of recent nightly I now get a Debug Alert.

on strvararg.h (484)

anyone else seing that ?

Miguel Gimenez:
It is fixed in trunk.



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