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The 07 August 2022 build (12859) is out.

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Once the directory where  "clangd_plugin" plugin is to land is sorted I can then start with the back porting of the required changes as I have the changes in my source tree for all of the different build processes (Windows & Linux project  build and Linux and Mac bootstrap/configure/make and the Debian build process).

clangd_plugin : I would say : contrib plugins location ?  bring it on :-)

I will apply the fix of wx :
Seems very trivial.

Miguel Gimenez:
There are two commits, e777a82 and 0e57ed1.

Just copying floatpane.cpp would be easier.


--- Quote from: killerbot on August 08, 2022, 04:10:09 pm ---clangd_plugin : I would say : contrib plugins location ?  bring it on :-)

--- End quote ---

I prefer adding clangd_client into the contribs also.
We can always move it to core later if needed.
AndrewCot has shown me how to do that.
However, I've been waiting for it to run on all platforms for a whole months without a crash or serious bug before adding it to contribs. So far no cigar.

But it's getting cleaner and (mostly) reliable (thanks a lot to the testers).


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