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Other Compiler options is blank - how to change verbose level?

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I did a fresh install of Devuan Beowulf (Debian Buster) and fresh install of Code::Blocks 20.03 (using stable - "Release 20.03 rev 11983 (2020-03-12 18:24:30) gcc 8.3.0 Linux/unicode - 32bit") (never installed from the apt packages).

When I build, the verbose level is much higher than what I am used to.  I went to Settings / Compiler Settings / Global compiler settings, Other compiler options tab, it's blank.  So is the "Other resource compiler options".

The selected compiler is "GNU GCC Compiler".

Is  there something wrong?  How can I fix it or change the compiler verbose level?


The other compiler options field is for entering other compiler options that are not in the list of "compiler flags". Here you can enter what you want to pass it to the compiler. For example you can add "-Wall" here

thanks, what do I use to control the verbose level I don't want to see all the -I and -D stuff scrolling up the screen, just the name of what it's compiling.  The option is supposed to be on that tab that is blank.  I moved over the another release Chimaera and it's still blank?

This is supposed to exist from searching internet on how to set the verbose level for GCC in codeblocks:

Settings->Compiler and debugger->Global compiler settings->{slide tabs to the right}->Other Settings and in that tab set 'Compiler Logging:'

But that "Other Settings" tab is blank, nothing is in there?

The new version has Settings->Compiler->...

Version 20.03

Setting -> Complier...
Select "Global Compiler Settings" in left hand pane
Select the compiler name in drop down list [Not sure if this step is needed]
Select tab "other settings" in tab group that starts with "Compiler Settings", "Linker Settings"
Change compiler logging to setting that is desired. Likely you want Task Description.

Tim S.


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