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error alert message when using ThreadSearch Plugin

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Please investigate future in this. Line numbers would be AWSOME

Hope this is of some use.
I updated to the latest DrMingw 0.9.5 x64 last night and today in the rpt it has code and line numbers in it as per the RPT snippet below.

The compiler setup I am using is:
* MYS2 MinGW64
* gcc (Rev3, Built by MSYS2 project) 12.1.0
* The debug compiler flags used were -g -O0 -ggdb
* I built using gnu++17 optionThe following is a compilation line from the build log for the src build:

--- Code: ---g++.exe -Wall -std=gnu++17 -m64 -g -O0 -ggdb -pipe -fmessage-length=0 -fexceptions -Winvalid-pch -DHAVE_W32API_H -D__WXMSW__ -DWXUSINGDLL -DcbDEBUG -DCB_PRECOMP -DwxUSE_UNICODE -D_WIN64 -DCB_EXPERIMENTAL_BUILD -DEXPORT_LIB -DWXMAKINGDLL_SCI -DEXPORT_EVENTS -iquoteD:\Andrew_Development\Work_Installers\CodeBLocks_Private_Experimental_GCC\src\.objs32_64\CodeBlocks\include -ID:\Andrew_Development\Work_Installers\CodeBLocks_Private_Experimental_GCC\src\.objs32_64\CodeBlocks\include -I. -ID:\Andrew_Development\Libraries\wxWidgets-3.2.0_win64\include -ID:\Andrew_Development\Libraries\wxWidgets-3.2.0_win64\lib\gcc_dll\mswud -ID:\Andrew_Development\Work_Installers\CodeBLocks_Private_Experimental_GCC\src\sdk\wxscintilla\include -ID:\Andrew_Development\Work_Installers\CodeBLocks_Private_Experimental_GCC\src\include\tinyxml -ID:\Andrew_Development\Work_Installers\CodeBLocks_Private_Experimental_GCC\src\include -ID:\Andrew_Development\Work_Installers\CodeBLocks_Private_Experimental_GCC\src\include\scripting\include -ID:\Andrew_Development\Work_Installers\CodeBLocks_Private_Experimental_GCC\src\exchndl\win_10\win64\include -c D:\Andrew_Development\Work_Installers\CodeBLocks_Private_Experimental_GCC\src\src\app.cpp -o D:\Andrew_Development\Work_Installers\CodeBLocks_Private_Experimental_GCC\src\.objs32_64\CodeBlocks\src\app.o

--- End code ---
Crash RPT Snippet:

--- Code: ----------------------

Error occurred on Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 11:00:29.

CodeBlocks.exe caused an Access Violation at location 00007FFFFAAAC2DC in module codeblocks.dll Reading from location FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

AddrPC           Params
00007FFFFAAAC2DC 00000120EBD30BE0 0000001A76BFED50 00000000000005E9  codeblocks.dll!wxPostEvent+0x9c  [D:/Andrew_Development/Libraries/wxWidgets-3.2.0_win64/include/wx/event.h @ 4169]
  4167:     wxCHECK_RET( dest, "need an object to post event to" );
> 4169:     dest->AddPendingEvent(event);
  4170: }
00007FFFFA8BD86B 00000120F3EED750 00007FFF000049E8 0000000000000000  codeblocks.dll!PipedProcess::OnTerminate+0xd7  [D:/Andrew_Development/Work_Installers/CodeBLocks_Private_Experimental_GCC/src/sdk/pipedprocess.cpp @ 235]
   233:     event.SetInt(status);
   234:     event.SetX(m_Index);
>  235:     wxPostEvent(m_Parent, event);
   237:     if (m_pvThis)
00007FFFC2B555A6 00000000002309D0 0000000000002B10 0000000000000000  wxmsw32ud_gcc_cb.dll!wxExecuteWindowCbk+0xaf  [D:/Andrew_Development/Libraries/wxWidgets-3.2.0_win64/build/msw/../../src/msw/utilsexc.cpp @ 341]
   339:         if ( data->handler )
   340:         {
>  341:             data->handler->OnTerminate((int)data->dwProcessId,
   342:                                        (int)data->dwExitCode);
   343:         }

--- End code ---

Hi, AndrewCot, thanks for the help.

My cb_release_type is much simple: "-g".

I just search for a while, it looks "-O0" is the default gcc compiler if I don't set any "-Ox"

About the other option "-ggdb", some search result shows it is mainly the same as "-g" under Windows.

But anyway, I will try to rebuild C::B again with the option "-g -O0 -ggdb" as the "cb_release_type".

BTW: for me, I only put a dll (for example, the clangd_client.dll) which contains the debug information in my final testing C::B, I mean my C::B (such as codeblocks.exe) is stripped, while only one dll is not stripped.

When I googled and looked up the options there were some sites saying you needed this and not that and other said something different so I choose to include all three options to ensure I got exactly what I wanted.
On Windows my build/install process does not strip anything as I want to see where issues occur as you will appreciate I am trying a bunch of different bleeding edge changes and integrating allot of different things in my build.

Miguel Gimenez:
I have just commited a possible fix for the issue described in the original post. Ollydbg, can you check if this works?


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