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Asserts Preventing C::B from Running



Have built C::B 12856 using wx3.2.0 on windows 10 (64-bit). Attempting to start it displays 5 asserts (titled "wxwidgets debugging error") sequentially and then closes. Spellchecker update32_64.bat used devel31_64, everything else used devel32_64.  Could Spellchecker update32_64bat, that had been renamed from update31_64.bat, be causing the asserts? That update dealt with images.


I would try the following or some of them:

* If you end up with a devel31_64 or any other devel* that is not  devel32_64 then see what files are in there and search for them in the source tree as you have missed changing something.
* The wxWidget asserts are probably caused by a missing xrc file or a missing png file(s). Probably could vary from 20% to 90% so do not spend allot of time on this IMHO..    If I think it's a missing file (I have had allot of missing files due to reworking the build process this year in my source files) the I use Winmerge to compare the devel3x_yy directory tree against the latest nightly release (include the DLL's so they do not show up as missing). I do this by only showing right and left unique files in Winmerge view menu settings.
* The plugin zip files are missing files. This is a harder one to figure out. I compare the devel2x_yy\CodeBlocks\share\CodeBlocks directories by file size and if I find a file is different by more than 10K I then use 7zip to open the archive and check that both zip files contain the same files. This process does not always work. I do this last as it is the most time consuming.
* You debug your C::B from the latest nightly and select the exit in the assert, which is you have catching exceptions in the debugger options will show the call stack and you can then look at the code to find the problem and then hopefully from the code figure out the issue with the xrc of png file that is missing.

Have finally been successful in building version 12856 from source using wx3.2.0. The asserts were caused by update32_64.bat files not completely or correctly edited. Those update32_64 bat files (renamed update31_64.bat files) had several different formats.

@AndrewCot: Your comments were appropriate.


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