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Mac Retina display simulation on FHD monitor


Does anyone know how to or got any links or any info on how I can simulate/kludge/hack a Mac Retena display on a 1920x1080 FHD monitor? This is to allow me to check out the SF MAC tickets that are to do with Retina/hidpi monitor display issues, which do not occur on my FHD setup and as such I cannot say if they are fixed or not.
If someone with a Mac and retina display has time then could you have a look at the following tickets and let us know if the problems are still in the latest nightly MAC build or not. BTW Xav's latest MAC nightly build is SVN 12839 at the moment on his google drive.
*    With this one I do not know how to reproduce it and have asked but so far no response has been seen.


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