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Due to me having only succeeded in getting two (from memory) of many tickets that consist of more than a single file type change into the SF C::B SVN source tree someone else will need to take over in getting the DAP plugin into the the SF SVN source tree as I do not want to waste my time.
In can help someone, but I will not fight to get it in as it gets me no where.

When I first started with CodeBlocks, I was given developer permissions to only modifiy my own contrib plugin (keybinder).
Other developers had to apply the "glue" between CB and the plugin.
I guess to assure that I was knowledgeable enough not to bork the system.
Can you summarize (in general) which parts of CodeBlocks will have to be modified to apply your DAP debugger plugin to Codeblocks.

As a possible option, can the DAP debugger be added as a contrib? Then (maybe) later moved into the core ?

Can it co-exist with the current debugger via enable/disable plugin?

Allot of the questions are answered in the following post:,24930.msg170617.html#msg170617
I have put them in a "contrib-wip" as nothing in that directory in the repo is in the C::B contrib directory, but IMHO should be as they will be of benefit to a number of C::B users, but again this would be way to hard to get into the SF trunk.

If you look at my GIT repo you will see that I have GDB and the GDB/MI and the DAP debugger all building from the makefiles or workspaces. The three debuggers are seperate and you can swap between them if the output exe and dll etc have the required debug format for the debugger you want to use.

If you want to have the debugger auto install then you need to also look at ticket 1114 and the updated files in the github repo as I had to modify the code to support the DAP debugger.


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