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Code::Blocks IDE translation to German language

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I update the template from time to time (and of course the french translation).
On the forum, it's possible to find my last extracting tools. They are not totally up to date, but they should work.
I'm not sure that you can download the raw .pot file on launchpad. May be you can try to download some .po languages files with very few translated strings!


Miguel Gimenez:
Can you attach the POT, so I can update the downloaded es.po?

here it is ...

Miguel Gimenez:

Miguel Gimenez:
@gd_on, [r13003] has removed most fragmented translations and strings that should not be translated at all like "(" or "%d"

I know this implies translating again some strings (specially in french because it is mostly complete), but I think the final result will be better.

Please, can you generate a POT of 13003 and attach it here?

Thank you in advance.


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