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Debian package error with wxWidgets 3.2 - Need help

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--- Code: ---warning: cannot find library needed by debian/codeblocks/usr/lib/codeblocks/plugins/
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---error: no dependency information found for /opt/wx/lib/ (used by debian/codeblocks/usr/lib/codeblocks/plugins/
--- End code ---

It looks like you get this error during installation of wxwidgets, right? I have not seen this particular error. Sounds like a checken-and-egg-problem.

Do you still have some stale files from a previous blunt make install lying around? In my Makefile in the directory above trunk the install target nukes at least the share and lib directories of cb from the previous install prior installing it again. That normally does the trick.

--- Code: ---install:
-@if [ -d $(PREFIX)/share/codeblocks ]; then rm -rf $(PREFIX)/share/codeblocks; fi
-@if [ -d $(PREFIX)/lib/codeblocks ]; then rm -rf $(PREFIX)/lib/codeblocks; fi
(cd $(build) && $(MAKE) install)
mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/share/codeblocks/locale/de_DE
install -m 644 $(PREFIX)/share/codeblocks/locale/de_DE/

--- End code ---

On arch, I still use that unsafe way without involving the package manager pacman. I know, I should use it.

And I move the whole (out-of-tree) build directory away into build.old.

My daily build command line for wxwidgtes as for cb, conviently recalled by Ctrl-r, looks like this:

--- Code: ---$ rm -rf build.old; mv build build.old; make bootstrap && make config && time make -j 16

--- End code ---

In the Makefile above wxwidgets' trunk directory, bootstrap is an empty target. In cb it looks like:

--- Code: ---bootstrap:
(cd $(trunk) && ACLOCAL_FLAGS="-I `$(WX_PREFIX)/bin/wx-config --prefix`/share/aclocal" ./bootstrap )

--- End code ---

It does not hurt if you call it again.

Did you recompile codeblocks after you recompiled and installed wxwidgets? When I start cb after having recompiled wxwidgets sometimes I get an unresolved reference. Looks like wxwidgets trunk is not always ABI compatible but rather API compatible. This should surprise anybody who is willing to use trunk prior release. Recompiling and reinstalling cb usually helps in these cases. The only occation when it did not was with wxwidgets recent change with wxBitmapBundle.

I assume, you created a file /etc/ which includes /opt/wx/lib. And that you called ldconfig afterwards.

asking ldd I get:

--- Code: ---$ ldd /usr/local/lib/codeblocks/plugins/ |grep libwx_gtk3u_xrc => /opt/wx/lib/ (0x00007f367be55000)

--- End code ---


--- Code: ---$ ldd /usr/local/lib/codeblocks/plugins/ |grep libcodeb => /usr/local/lib/ (0x00007f5560a00000)

--- End code ---

--- Code: ---$ dpkg -S /opt/wx/lib/
wxwidgets-trunk: /opt/wx/lib/

--- End code ---

I named the package wxwidgets-trunk with a minus sign in between.

Does it help you?

Forgot to mention: I use ubuntu 20.04. Do you have installed some related stuff on your ubuntu 22.04 with snap?


I have no idea if the above link will help or hurt.

Tim S.

I will get back to the C::B debian builds early next week and post how I go.

This might help

Edit: It has been a few years since I last did Linux.


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