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FreeBSD crashes

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I cannot help for much longer as I ask question and for you to try stuff and you want to not do it or go off on tangents.
So let me try again:

* What OS you are most familiar with that you still can use? The latest source code changes most days, so latest is not relevant a SVN source r<number> is relevant as per the "r11997" and the  wxWidget "Feb 13 2022 05:37:23" date in the info you supplied let me know approx when C::B was built, but I would need to spend time gettign the exact date which is not relevant  as it is not the latest nightly r12839 or the latest SVN code r12847 (as of earlier today my time zone).
* Did you try the last nightly release? If not, why not?
* Thanks for the crash info as it helps in my understanding of the problem based on previous crash reports I have seen.
* Lets go back to basic support on this one:
* In Codeblocks there is a menu called "Plugins", in the Plugins drop down at the bottom is a sub menu called "Manager Plugins..."
* Select the Manager Plugins sub menu
* In the list shown find in the first column the plugin "Code Completion". Select it.
* In the right side of the dialog is a "Disable" button. Select it.
* Clock on the "Close" button.
* Exit Codeblocks and save the config when asked.      5. Please run codeblcoks from GDB and grab the back trace.

As for building C::B I have not got that far yet and will not advance to it until I get the info I want as I do not want you to spend days and days going off on the following and wasting your time and mine:

* If you want to build C::B by yourself then let me know and I will stop.
* There is no manual on the WIKI site, so I have no idea what manual you are referring to and I also know that only one manual that I am aware of has helpful info on building a library used by C::B.
* There is specific info on the WIKI for Freebsd and as such I have no idea where you looked and do not want to know as 99% of the build guides you will find are out of date and if you find the three guides I am aware of that are up to date for some OS's then you are doing very well in finding them.


* I have been working under windows for the last 30 years. I am currentkly starting to develop under FreeBSD
* No I haven't. As I am new in FreeBSD, I haven't figured out how to copy the CodeBlocks latest release and execute it. I have ran CodeBlocks under windows and it works fine ( I haven't encountered any issue so far). Due to security concerns, I decided to migrate the solution to FreebSD (& OpenBSD) as the package applicaiton I am developing requires a solid secured server to host the gateways. Now you understand why I want to use CodeBlocks under FreeBSD and why I am not very experienced in FreeBSD. The version I used is the one I got from the offcial FreeBSD ports
* You can see me as an end-user and like CodeBlocks that I value as a good product. My goal is to help you finalizing CodeBlocks as a stable product for FreeBSD.
* I will try this today and will report after a few days running if this solves the issue - I can of course also attach the core if you want.
* GDB - shouldn't I need the source files corresponding to the executable? This is the only reason why I was thinking of building CodeBlocks.
I went to the Forum page on howe to use a nightly build and from there to the wiki page and the FreeBSD installation procedure. I will follow and install the latest build.

Thanks for your support.

Thanks for your reply.

* Then I would advise to get you building C::B on Windows or Linux first using the same process I expect will be used on FreeBSD as it will help allot when you get to FreeBSD if you hit any problems. I have not used FreeBSD. I am not aware of anyone who is familiar with FreeBSD based on forum posts that can help you if you hit a specific FreeBSD issue. Building on Linux will be similar to FreBSD and may be a better choice and on Xubuntu or Mint or another Ubuntu based distro you can install the latest nightly build and the C::B devs can help with any issues you come across. You can setup the Linux OS as a Virtual Machine on Windows to do the building and testing before trying to do it on FreeBSD. Let me know if you want to do this and which OS you want to build on first. If you want to build on FreeBSD first then you are on your own.
* See if you can find a nightly build for FreeBSD as it will be more stable than the 20.03 you are using, but you may be out of luck as it is not used allot compared to Linux.
* Completed.
* Give it a go as it has caused issues on Linux with old C::B releases and may causing your issues, but it may be something else. If it is something else then building C::B from source may be required, but before that the next thing to try is to disable all non essential plugins and try, but I would need to search the forum for this list as I cannot remember what is needed. I do know that the two most important plugins I keep using and updating are the compiler and debugger plugins.
* No you do not require the source to get a backtrace. But saying that it as the C::B executable does not have symbol info it will have addresses for some of the all entries. It is better than nothing.


* I have stopped all current development on Windows (suspicious about windows after win7) - do not trust linux at all (maybe Debian but I only have 4 computers and all are already being used). This is an opportunity to have a C::B FreeBSD support. C::B has been built for FreeBSD as there is a distribution in FreeBSD ports, should I have time, then I guess I am on my own to build C::B :'(
* I will have a look and try my luck
* I will keep you posted on this - confirmation next week.
* Can I send you the core dump instead?

You will need to perform the analysis of the core dump on your FreeBSD as I do not have the required files and FreeBSD to do the analysis.


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