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MSys2 MinGW64 wxWidgets PR for 3.2.0RC1 submitted

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Just successfully built wxWidgets 3.2.0 and C::B using wxWidgets 3.2.0 on Linux. C::B starts up and runs.

Linux C::B info:
Build                                             : Jul  8 2022, 11:42:12 - wx3.2.0 - gcc 11.1.0 (Linux, unicode) - 64 bit
Code::Blocks Executable                           : /mnt/d/Andrew_Development/Work_Installers/CodeBLocks_Private_Experimental_GCC/src/devel32/bin/CodeBlocks

SDK Version                                       : 2.19.0
Scintilla Version                                 : 3.7.5
wxWidget version                                  : wxWidgets 3.2
wxWidget description                              : - - - - - - -
                                                  : wxWidgets Library (wxGTK port)
                                                  : Version 3.2.0 (Unicode: wchar_t, debug level: 1),
                                                  : compiled at Jul  8 2022 11:27:42
                                                  : Runtime version of toolkit used is 3.24.
                                                  : Compile-time GTK+ version is 3.24.20.
                                                  : - - - - - - -

Here is what I did for building codeblocks against wx 3.2.0 library under 64bit Windows.

I just replace all the text in the *wx31_64.cbp files

--- Code: --- <Variable name="WX_VERSION" value="31" />
--- End code ---


--- Code: --- <Variable name="WX_VERSION" value="32" />
--- End code ---

Then, I just build the CodeBlocks_wx31_64.workspace as I did before against wx 3.1.7 library.


That was my problem : I compiled C::B with wxWidgets 3.2.0 but at link time, it was tle 3.1.7 libs which was used in my tests. So of course, WXReservedxxx were missing.
Now it works. Thanks.
If I remember, AndrewCot suggested (and do this in his own build, I think) to make at least this "value" parameter as a global variable or something like that. Could be a nice improvment in the C::B build system.

I have made all of the wxWidget variables into global variables and this is why I did not have to change any project files moving from 3.1.5 to 3.1.7 an then to 3.2.0. If you want to check out the project files have a look at the following repo:
I have saved the global variables I used when I was using wxWidgets 3.1.5 in the following file, so you can see what they are instead of looking at the project file if you want to see what IMHO needs to be made global so it can be changed in one place instead of in the project files via one of the plugins or manually.
In the git repo has the following in it:

* Only one set of project files for each OS.
* On Windows the one set of project files can be configured to build 32 or 64 bit and different wxWidget versions and specify the C and C++ standards.
* All of the patches I have submitted
* additional plugins that I though I may use
* the DAP debugger I am working on
* My latest C:B build docs
* Batch and script files to make building C::B , running C::B and cleaning the directory tree
* Updated NSIS installer so you can make installer exe when you want to via a batch file
* Ability to build via project files on the MaC that helps debugging as then you can debug C::B from C::B.
* Ability to build via github actions
* Github workflow fiels for all three OS's that can be used to build C::B on various git triggers
* A controversial one I have passed the CPP and H files through Astyle using the astyle.ini file in the root directory so the files are consistent.

Also, if you want to use a debug version of wxWidgets in CodeBlocks, in an MSYS2 bash shell, you can just:
find . -name '*31_64.cbp' -exec sed -i 's/name="WX_SUFFIX" value="u"/name="WX_SUFFIX" value="ud"/' {} \;
Of course you'll have to grab
in stead of
out of lib/gcc_dll and plunk it down in src/devel31_64

Change 31_64 to 32_64 if using the new 3.2 .cpb files.

P.S. mingw32-make -f makefile.gcc SHARED=1 MONOLITHIC=1 BUILD=debug
creates a debug version.


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