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wxWidgets 3.1.7 is available

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The wxWidget 3.1.7 changes to the wxPropertyGridPageState class has caused the cbSystemView build to now fail.
The changed file is include\wx\propgrid\propgridpagestate.h and is caused by the following changes as per the following changes.txt file entry:

--- Code: ---3.1.7: (released 2022-06-06) ---------------------------- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES SINCE 3.1.6: - wxPropertyGridPageState funtions intended for internal use are no longer public. Corresponding functions in wxPropertyGridInterface, wxPropertyGrid, wxPropertyGridPage, and wxPropertyGridManager should be used instead.
--- End code ---

Miguel Gimenez:

--- Quote from: killerbot on June 06, 2022, 07:54:08 pm ---I didn't actively follow the discussion on the 3.1.6, but I think that one was not usable for CB, or were all problems fixed in the mean time ?

If possible, we could try to step up to 3.1.7 and as such catch up again ? What do you think ?

--- End quote ---

wx3.1.6 was perfectly usable, and I expect wx3.1.7 to be usable too without changes,

The only gotcha may be the change to the PCRE2 regular expression library in wx3.1.6, but many regexes were adapted before wx3.1.6 release and some of us have been using wx3.1.6 without problems so far.

On MacOS using wxWidgets 3.1.7 the C::B build fails with an ambiguous error for the src\sdk\editormanager.cpp on line 545 with the AddPage.

The function with the AddPage in it that fails is:

--- Code: ---void EditorManager::AddEditorBase(EditorBase* eb)
    int page = FindPageFromEditor(eb);
    if (page == -1)
        // use fullname as default, so tabs stay as small as possible
        wxFileName fn(eb->GetTitle());
        m_pNotebook->AddPage(eb, fn.GetFullName(), true);

--- End code ---
the build log for the error is:

editormanager.cpp:545:22: error: call to member function 'AddPage' is ambiguous
        m_pNotebook->AddPage(eb, fn.GetFullName(), true);
/usr/local/include/wx-3.1/wx/aui/auibook.h:279:10: note: candidate function
    bool AddPage(wxWindow* page,
../../src/include/cbauibook.h:125:14: note: candidate function
        bool AddPage(wxWindow* page,

Using wxWidget 3.1.5 the C:B build does not fail.
Using wxWidget 3.2.0 rc1 also fails to build.

In the attached zip are the updated files to get C::B building on the Mac with wxWidget 3.1.7 (3.2.0 rc1 has not been tested yet).

On Arch Linux and Ubuntu-20.04, both x86_64 with current trunk of wxwidgets (3.2.0) cb trunk (svn12840)  does compile via configure and make. I do not observe that ambiguity error calling AddPage. Over the last weeks I compiled current wxwidgets and cb nearly daily without ever seing that compile error.

Right now, I lack the time to have a peek into the zip just postet by @AndrewCot.


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