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Mac still has no debugging that is easy to do (or in my case get working), so first step to fix or investigate any Mac bugs is to get it so you get debug the code without resorting back to the god old printf days. So before I look at any Mac bugs I need to get debugging working first. IMHO and also Eran's Codelite changes for MAC is to add DAP debugger support. Eran has been working on the DAP library and integrating the changes into Codelite over the last few weeks. Some of the DAP library issues I have stumbled across have been fixed in DAP updates and some have been me or my config type issues.

Unfortunately based on past experience most of my large patches are not going to be accepted as they have or will be hijacked IMHO by someone who does not want to think or take the time to try to figure out why the patch is needed in the first place by the average user (not C::B devs) and as such I do not want to waste time on tickets and patches that go no where anymore. AS soon as I get the  "Please explain the reason for this patch..." I now give up as it's a waste of time responding as it goes no where.

Once I get DAP debugging working then I will supply info on the GIT repo and leave it for someone else to run with.


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