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SDK Versioning sceme, plugin sdk version check

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I think a better check is

--- Code: ---if((  release != PLUGIN_SDK_VERSION_RELEASE ||
     ( major > PLUGIN_SDK_VERSION_MAJOR ) ||

--- End code ---

PLUGIN_SDK_VERSION_RELEASE  is a total breaker of plugins. Change in this version means binary incompatibility: signature of function change, or function removal this means no backwards compatibility.

Big call to other devs: What are you thinking about this?

Increasing PLUGIN_SDK_VERSION_RELEASE  will mean break binary compatibility. So a plugin previously compiled will not work. When do you want increase this? On an effective change in code or only after a release?
We use a lot nightly builds so it would be reasonable to change it after every effective code change. But in the end it could happen that we have high release numbers.
This is only a thing of taste, but we have to decide...

Feedback on plugin manifest.xml files:
If you update all of the existing manifest.xml files that are still stuck with the major set to 1 then it will work, but it then brings up the question of what do you update them to? This could be done way before any of the changes being discussed in this thread. In my local source I have bumped the version to 2.16.0 in the old manifest.xml file just because it was the SDK version in the nightly when I did the change, but I could have picked 2.0.0 for the manifest files with 1.x.y version in them.

This also brings up a need to bump all of the manifest.xml files when the release is updated so the plugins still work. This would need to be done for windows, linux and Mac. Be aware that currently on Windows it is not built via a bash shell as the changes have not been looked at in SF, so there will not be a consistent way of doing it via the different build processes.

Other Feedback
I am a SF end user and do not like SVN, but is there a way on a SVN update to hook into the update and therefore run a script to update the PLUGIN_SDK_VERSION_MINOR to the SVN revision. This would need to be done by one of the SF C::B admins. This would need someone with SVN and SF knowledge to investigate.Manually updating the PLUGIN_SDK_VERSION_MINOR to the SVN revision will not work.


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