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[Closed] Funny but unwanted feature

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I came across a quite entertaining new feature of the editor. Its in a Linux build of one of the recent nightlies. I wonder if someone recognize it can say what it is?

The feature surprises me while typing once in a while as it catches the typed text and puts in into an overlay line on top of your screen (see attached image). Its quite elusive againts screenshots so I had to take an ofd fashioned camera to catch it, sorry for the bad quality.

The text is caught until a non-letter chracter is typed: space, unlerline, minus etc. Then the text appears back at your cursor. One can actually continue typing unless there is a mistake, because DEL does not seem to be working - at least I did not find out how.
Any mouse action or action from another program will quite that mode, taking the text with it.

I did not see any indication on the GUI when this gets enabled. I found that I can reset it by closing and reopening the file. But it very soon comes back. It does not occur always, sometimes all works find. Usually restart of CB gets rid of it, but on some days it returns rather quickly.

I did not see it on other installations of rev12535 I use on other machines.

Here is the systems specs:

--- Code: ---Name                   : Code::Blocks
Version                : svn-r12765
SDK Version            : 2.16.0
Scintilla Version      : 3.7.5
Author                 : The Code::Blocks Team
E-mail                 :
Website                :
OS                     : Linux 4.15.0-161-generic x86_64
Scaling factor         : 1,000000
Detected scaling factor: 0,989583
Display PPI            : 96x95
Display count          : 1
Display 0              : XY
--- End code ---

What plugins are you running?
Show Menu=>Plugins=>ManagePlugins
or a zip of the text in log tab "Code::Blocks"

Does the escape key get rid of it?

Plugins are from the contrib directory, nothing else. See attached list.

ESC does not get rid of it. I found that sometimes - depending what keys you press - its more sticky. Just now it remained despite changing to another page, any mouse clicks. I had to enter text and press space to get it back to its normal mode.

What GTK and wxWidgets version?

wxWidgets 3.0.4 and GTK2


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