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Code Blocks bundled with LLVM


Piotr Grochowski:
I have recently become a GNUphobe, so I feel like there should be options to download Code Blocks bundled with LLVM/clang. On the Windows version, it should be 3.7.1 to retain Windows XP and Vista compatibility.

I doubt this will fly. Before this is even considered C::B needs to support for LLDB.

On the LLDB Status page:

"LLDB on Windows is still under development, but already useful for i386 programs (x86_64 untested) built with DWARF debug information, including postmortem analysis of minidumps. For more details, see the Features by OS section below."

In that section one finds:
Feature   ...   Windows
C++11   ...   Unknown

Oops! How many trails do you want to blaze at once?

On the other hand, GDB most likely can handle the dwarf information in whatever Windows appropriate object files LLVM has otherwise created (certainly the program executable).

Patches for adding LLDB debugging support are welcome for any OS.

Piotr Grochowski:
Nevermind, old LLVM versions are extremely incomplete, and llvm implicitly encourages e-waste.


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