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KeyBinder Plugin compiling
« on: March 01, 2006, 02:44:18 am »
   I compiled wxWidgets in Unicode using the directions on the wiki site (I added the VENDOR because I knew C::B expects that value to be cb).  It mentions using CFG.  (It says to set it to Unicode, but I am lazy and just use 'u'.)  All the plugins support this method of development except one in my sandbox version of the Code::Blocks code.  The keybinder plugin doesn't because it is missing a variable.  BTW I have successfully compiled and am running C::B this way.

Build Options (KeyBinder plugin) -> Directories Tab -> linker sub tab

   One of the directories in there is this:


which should be


It is done correctly under the compiler directories.  Just not under the linker directories.  Is the directory stil listed this way in the SVN code?  If not, how can I force svn to upgrade it to the most recent version?  If so, can this minor issue be fixed?  I have been manually typing it in (& not saving it).  Thank you.
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a little light reading from the wxWidgets 2.6.2 readme: A detailed 2000-page reference manual is supplied in HTML, PDF and Windows Help form: see the docs hierarchy.