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Hello everyone,
I suggest a plugin for translate project using 'Code::Blocks'.
This extension of  'Code::Blocks' will be offered on:

Nice work!

New version 'Collector-1.7.1' :

See discussion :,24991.msg170268.html#msg170268

- update all documentation
- improved search for libraries under Win-7
- initialization of the graph also closes extra files (generated logs)
- the number of elected files was wrong
- improvement of the display of logs
- modification of the launch of the external application 'Poedit' depending on the operating system

New version 'Collector-1.7.2' :

- call to 'Poedit' is identical with 'Leap-15.3' or 'Win-7'
- fixed file opening in 'Poedit' (did not accept spaces in the path)
- update ''

New version 'Collector-1.7.8' :

We now have three different extractions of the strings to translate:
- code : *.cpp, *.script
- resources : *.wxrc, *.wks
- description: *.xml
When these strings are joined together, they can be duplicated, so they are merged.


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