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[Solved] how to make program's argument dynamic for debug target (using gdb)


Hello all
here is my goal :
I have a script that provide different tests case for my codding programme.

I want code::block to adapte to the differents cases when using debbuger.

for exemple I want one parameter comming from the shell command :
--- Code: --- basename -s .xml $(readlink tmp_simu/conf.xml)
--- End code ---
this solution works when using the run button (green triangle):

--- Quote ---<Option parameters="--csvin tmp_simu/in.csv --conf  \$(basename -s .xml $\(readlink tmp_simu/conf.xml\)\) ... />

--- End quote ---
the shell command is substitued by its value.
but if I use de Debug/continue button (red triangle) the shell command is not executed so its see as faulty parameters instead of the shell command value :

--- Quote -----conf 
--- End quote ---

anybody has an idee to solve my pb ?

(I use code::block on linux)

thanks reading me
hope my english is good enough  :)

this is probably a bug and you should create a ticket for it.

One way i can think of is to use scripting instead of shell commands

and something like the ExecuteAndGetOutput command:
Not tested, because not on a linux machine and to late but you should get an idea:

--- Code: ---<Option parameters="--csvin tmp_simu/in.csv --conf  [[print(IO.ExecuteAndGetOutput(wxT("basename -s .xml") +  IO.ExecuteAndGetOutput(wxT("readlink tmp_simu/conf.xml")))]] ... />

--- End code ---

Hi BlueHazzard
Tanks a lot for your answer,
I didn't know before this possibility to use extension script.
I changes a bit my way : my simulations scripts put the full cmd Line in a file.
So this works for Option parameters :

--- Quote ---[[print(IO.ReadFileContents(_T("tmp_simu/cmdLineArg.txt")))]]

--- End quote ---
The example you provide help me for syntaxe a possibility.
I had just to change (for me) the "WXT" whith "_T" and that's fine


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