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Debugger doesn't work

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Interestingly when I google "No executable file now." all the relevant results I get are actually the source code for gdb.
So the error is there but nobody in the world is getting it except for me?  :-\


--- Quote from: AndrewCot on May 13, 2022, 09:30:05 am ---Can you also include the Codeblocks build log.
I have done some testing with the and tried with spaces in the C::B directory and GDB 8.1 and my hello world works.

--- End quote ---

I'll be damned.
I got it to work!

I started messing around with gdb itself. Running it directly and trying with different commands and configurations. Turns out giving it the command "target exec" is the problem. It for some reason unloads the executable from gdb. If I omit that command I'm actually able to run the program.
I then went to C::B and removed "target exec" from Settings -> Debugger -> Default and now I can actually debug.

No idea why it's happening or why nobody else on the internet seems to be having this issue.
But it seems to work!


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